HortControl is the interface to your Phenospex products and data. It enables you to set up the platform, manage experiments and analyze the collected data.
HortControl is separated into multiple Boards that you will see when you access the homepage by entering the IP address or name of your HortControl Server in your browser. Each Board combines different functionalities or Modules, which in turn consist of one or more visualizations or Views. The screenshot below shows the homepage of HortControl with the three Boards Experiment, PSX Data and System.  

Design | What you see

As an example, we have opened the PSX Data board > Germination module > Boxplot view in the screenshot below. When you have opened a board you will see its name in the top left corner (PSX DATA) just under HortControl. You can go back to the homepage by clicking HortControl, or directly navigate to another board by hovering over the current board name, and selecting another board from the drop-down list.

The menu bar on the left contains all the available modules for the selected bar can be hidden by pressing the three bars in the top of the screen next to the menu bar. It can be displayed again by clicking the button a second time.

The settings bar is displayed on the right hand side. It contains settings and options for your current view. It can be hidden and displayed by pressing the three bars in the top right corner. The settings bar can contain multiple tabs with different settings that you can select. Each Module and View will have it's specific settings to configure the corresponding module and view.

The center displays the selected view. Here you will often find a:
  • wizard step bar at the top. A lot of analysis or setup views have multiple steps that need to be fulfilled chronologically. The wizard bar will always display in what step you are and will allow you to move forward and backwards in that process
  • small question mark in the top left corner of the canvas. If you click on the question mark a help will guide you through the most important functions of the current view and highlight them. 

Concepts | Experiments, Blocks & Units

An Experiment is the central object that HortControl uses to manage your data. In an experiment data is collected for a fixed number of plants, described by a genotype and treatment, in a limited time window. There can be one or multiple experiments running on your platform simultaneously which can be designed, started and stopped using HortControl. In order to link or even interpret any data captured by our sensors, HortControl uses a few extra concepts to describe the physical reality and link it to the plants in your experiment.

A Block, is the first level or coordinate to subdivide your platform. A block often relates to an area in the system that is marked with a barcode which serves as a reference point for the PlantEye. Each experiment has one or multiple blocks that are assigned to it. The blocks within a system often remain in place when an experiment ended and can get assigned to a new experiment afterwards.

A Unit, further subdivides a block. It is the most detailed part of your platform's coordinate system. Any block can be subdivided in x by y units. It is to these units that plants and plant information is assigned in a single experiment. At unit level the physical world is attached to the biological world so that data transfer can occur to further enrich the collected physical data.