Value Range 0 - 360

The standard approach in technical devices is to store colors as a combination of red, green and blue values. Nevertheless, this color model does not well represent the color of object. Each individual color is a combination of red, green and blue values. 

As an alternative approach to RGB color spaces the HSV color space was developed. In this color space the idea is to express the color (hue) on one dedicated channel that is arranged in the rainbow colors. The saturation of each color represents if it is a pale or very intense color. Last, the Value shows if the color is dark or bright. The advantage of this color space is that a color can be expressed independently from its saturation or value. The example below shows an image of what plots decomposed into the red, green and blue channel as well as decomposed into hue, saturation and value. One can see that it is hard to see the difference of the plot color in the red, green and blue channels whereas the hue channel nicely identifies the color differences of the plots on the left hand side of the image. 

PlantEye can compute the hue channel for the point cloud and analyze it further. Therefore, the hue channel can be seen as a color analysis taking into account all three measured colors.