For every HortControl release we aim to add direct value for our customers. This means new parameters, analytical possibilities or more usability. There are also many changes that are not visible to the user but improve the quality and safety of HortControl. Below a list of new features you should read about when you update HortControl from any version beyond 3.1.

HortControl 3.3

New plant parameter
We added a new plant parameter: “ Height Max” which is designed to find the absolute highest point of the plant in millimeters, and is therefore very accurate. This parameter does not replace the current height parameter, but is an addition to the parameter set. The current height is focused on stability over accuracy, by minimizing the effect of small movements, as a result of wind or diurnal plant movements.

Data reprocessing tool
Experiments can now be reprocessed using new splitting and/or multispectral binning settings in the experiment board.

Extended dashboard features
The dashboard will now visualize the latest scan made by any scanner in the system. Additionally, you can review the latest scan made for every active block in your system.

Data “Snapshot” module for non-time series data
You can now calculate the absolute value for a plant parameter per unit within a certain time window. The resulting dataset can be downloaded or visually evaluated in a boxplot for any genotype and/or treatment effect.

Other improvements
  • Visualization and download of the unit 3D files in the data board offers a merged 3D file for dual scans instead of the master and slave scans separately.
  • The tooltip of the overview module in the data board is more informative.
  • Ply files are now removed from the system when an experiment is deleted in the system board. This will free up more space when removing an experiment.
  • Version info, contact details and a download link to the manual are provided in the top bar of all boards.
  • All the histograms of the units in the data board can be enlarged.

HortControl 3.2

Two new spectral indices
  • PSRI, Plant Senescence Reflectance Index ( Merzlyak et al. 1999)
  • NPCI, Normalized total Pigment to Chlorophyll ratio Index ( Penuelas et al. 1993)

Block splitting with 3D preview
Block splitting during experiment setup is made easier with the new 3D preview settings.

Experiment/ System Dashboard
See the status of the entire phenotyping system at a glimpse. This enables the user and support to spot malfunctions before they become a problem regarding the experiments.

Phena module in the system board
Phena calculates plant parameter from the raw 3D files created by PlantEye. The new module enables the user to fine tune Phena.  This includes bin settings for spectral indices like HUE and NDVI.

Other improvements

  • Refresh button in the data board to load new data realtime.
  • Current layout is visualized in the system board.
  • The dropdown list of parameters in the data board is categorized by plant parameter groups.